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Infinite Knowledge Education Centre is a tutoring college that truly strives for the best. Our vision is to empower high school students to achieve their full potential and to develop a genuine interest in their education. We aim to deliver top quality education for students sitting for the HSC through an effective tutoring system that combines the traditional classroom environment with an online system to ensure that students do not miss out on valuable learning content. Infinite Knowledge Education Centre compiles its own resources, in order to guarantee that all students receive streamlined education that is directly relevant to their studies.

Infinite Knowledge Education Centre offers services for HSC Mathematics (Advanced, Ext 1, Ext 2), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English (ESL/Advanced), Business Studies and Economics.

What we offer?

  • Weekly 2 hour lecture-style lessons in small classroom groups.
  • Lessons that can be held in either English or Mandarin Chinese.
  • Streamlined, personalised textbooks and workbooks to ensure maximum efficiency in learning.
  • HSC style examinations every term that will help keep track of students’ progress.
  • Free 1 hour trial lesson for all potential students.

Online Services

Infinite Knowledge Education Centre offers personalised online student accounts that have the following functions:

  • Students can freely book optional tutorial sessions, where students can enquire about questions regarding homework or school assessments.
  • Access the week’s learning content, resources and homework.
  • Weekly online quizzes on the lesson’s content.
  • Keep track of students’ marks and learning progress.


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