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Subject Specification


During Infinite Knowledge Year 11 English Advanced tutoring theory classes, students develop:

  • An insightful understanding of the concepts and analytical processes required for the ESL HSC course.
  • The ability to compose evaluative and analytical essays.
  • Conceptual strategies for approaching unseen text analysis and creative composition, both essential elements of the Stage 6 Advanced English syllabus.
  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of all syllabus dot points and outcomes for each module prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.
  • Highly developed skills in critically responding to a range of text types.

In addition to Theory classes, students receive:

  • 160+ page English Theory Booklet focusing on analytical training, conceptual understanding, and then development of written skills. The Theory Book includes Homework Assessments to help students prepare for HSC style questions.
  • End of term English Topic Test, held under strict exam style conditions, designed to assess students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation for the demands of the HSC.
  • One to one English Workshops designed to further enhance their formal written responses through a detailed feedback process.
  • Exclusive access to online which expands the student experience beyond the classroom by providing digital submission of homework and feedback of homework, as well as by encouraging collaborative learning through discussion forums.

Over the course of the term, students create:

  • Essay responses relevant to their Area of Study or Module with detailed feedback from teachers.
  • A range of analytical responses to different set questions that explore the syllabus requirements of the ESL HSC course.
  • A range of creative responses for the Area of Study that utilise a wide variety of stimuli to prepare students for the expectations of the Area of Study.


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