Subject Specification


Year 12 Chemistry tutoring classes, students develop:

  • Chemistry concepts clearly and accurately.
  • complex scientific theories and models through the use of multimedia in class.
  • a variety of scientific formats including diagrams, graphs, tables and flow charts.
  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of all syllabus dot points and outcomes for each module prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.
  • Critical thinking skills

In addition to Chemistry tutoring theory classes, students receive:

  • 200-page Chemistry theory booklet created by Chemistry Teachers to develop independent problem-solving skills.
  • 150- page Chemistry work booklet which includes all trial questions and HSC style problems.
  • Online Chemistry short quizzes
  • Tutorial lessons to strengthen Chemistry knowledge and skills
  • Monthly Chemistry tests under exam conditions.
  • Online resources: study notes, questions, video, homework tracking system



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