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Subject Specification


During Infinite Knowledge Year 9 Maths tutoring theory classes, students develop:

  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Year 9 Maths Advanced and some topics from Year 10 Maths Advanced Syllabus prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.
  • A range of mathematical skills and techniques to prepare them for the demands of the Year 9 and 10 Maths Advanced course.
  • Ability to apply sophisticated multi-step mathematical reasoning to solve unfamiliar and challenging problems.
  • Confidence in Maths to excel in school assessments.

In addition to Maths Theory classes, students receive:

  • 150+ page Maths Theory Booklet focusing on building a thorough knowledge and understanding of Maths concepts.
  • 90+ page Maths Work Booklet consisting of exam-style questions to apply their understanding and skills.
  • Weekly short Maths quizzes to assess knowledge and skills which help monitor and track progress.
  • End of Term Maths Topic Test performed under strict exam style conditions in preparation for school assessments.
  • Maths Workshops designed to address students learning needs arising from weekly homework.

Infinite Knowledge Year 9 Maths course is recommended for all students. Successful completion of our Year 9 Acceleration course will ensure students are equipped with the necessary mathematical knowledge and skills required for the Maths Extension 1 course in Year 10.


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